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HQH Fitness is a functional fitness equipment supplier and functional training zone specialist company. We also offer workshops for personal trainers including GRAVITY Training, BOSU and Modern Trends Workshops.

Are you interested in a functional training approach? Fitness is an ever-evolving industry that often goes full circle in its methods and theories. Somewhere along the way, due to the influence of desk work and sedentary lifestyles, we have lost our “natural playground”...i.e. the days where we trained our bodies to be healthy and strong simply by utilising our own body as resistance and using basic tools to promote stability and free range of movement.

Now, like our earliest forefathers, we are once again moving back to a functional approach to fitness: where the definition of being fit means having the strength, balance, mobility, agility and muscular endurance to handle any task.

HQH Fitness is bringing the “functional” and “fun” back to the industry, promoting only the highest quality fitness products and equipment that achieve functional and purposeful strength and stability.

HQH Fitness also takes the hard work out of setting up a new business. We will source all your equipment needs and offer free consultation along the way. As we are specialists who have actually worked in the industry, we are experts in the different fitness business models that can lead you to success, whether it is personal training, multi-client training, small group or team training, we can show you how to maximise your income.

With over 17 years of service behind us, we know the industry and we are a brand that you can trust.

Total Gym® GTS & Power Tower

Our flagship products, GTS and Power Tower are the award-winning anchors for GRAVITY®, the time-efficient Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates and Post-rehab programs that generate excitement and new revenue in commercial facilities around the world.

Total Gym® Elevate Line

Introducing a whole new concept in strength training equipment… Total Gym introduces the first line of bodyweight resistance single-station machines – no weight stacks or plates. This unique line is ideal for personal training, as a dedicated self-serve circuit on the gym floor, or as the foundation for a group training program. The Elevate Line features six pieces; Total Gym Core Trainer, Leg Trainer, Pull-up Trainer, Press Trainer, Jump Trainer and Row Trainer.


The No.1 product for balance training. Such a versatile tool and a "must have" for all gyms/clubs and personal trainers. In NZ there are many look alike products that may even claim to be BOSU, when choosing a BOSU product only the original USA made BOSU is suitable for Professionals. Our BOSU® Complete Workout System - (5-hour Specialty Certificate Workshop) will provide you with the formula to make the BOSU Balance Trainer more effective in your club, your classes and with your clients.


Not all balls are created equal! It is very important to use a high quality ball product that is anti-burst" such as the DuraBall Pro Swiss Ball. This particular brand has been tested by the University of Newcastle Engineering Department, if a puncture occurs, it will deflate slowly rather than burst. If you are a health or fitness professional, please contact us for pricing and volume discounts.

GRAVITY Education

Using Total Gym, GRAVITY education includes choreographed, large and small group resistance training with music, Pilates with full mat and reformer repertoires, and goal specific private and multi-client personal training. Start with our GRAVITYFoundation Course and progress on to our GRAVITYPilates Reformat Evolved or GRAVITYPost-rehab Major Joint Series Courses.

Modern Trends in Fitness Masterclasses

We offer the latest workshops using a wide range of functional fitness products. Experience how to improve balance, stability, co-ordination, postural control and movement efficiency and muscular stabilisation for stronger overall movements using new and innovative tools i.e. SURGE and BOSU Power Stax. Pick from our range of fun Workshops: Pilates Matwork adapted for the BOSU Balance Trainer : Soft Foam Roller : Hyperactive Core - The SURGE : BOSU HIIT and choreographing group sessions.

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