Join the Exercise Association of New Zealand (ExerciseNZ)

ExerciseNZ has a membership for all members of the Exercise Industry, including Suppliers, Exercise Facilities (Gyms, Studios, Health Clubs, Recreation Centres), and Exercise Professionals (who receive associate membership through their registration with REPs).  

Key Benefits of Membership

In a nutshell, we are here to help support the exercise and fitness industry in New Zealand.  As a membership-based organisation, our members own us, so by joining, you receive huge membership benefits (listed below), and also support the only organisation that exists solely for the purpose of supporting the exercise industry in New Zealand.

One of the ways we add value to the industry is by focusing on the issues that we all face, but individually either don’t have the time, money or know-how for, or if we do, it’s just not economic to do it.  An example of this is recent issues with the Commerce Commission, and their interpretation of the law around membership agreements,   Individuals we could all get a legal opinion costing several thousand dollars, or ExerciseNZ could do the same thing, and then share it with all members.  Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also means that we can dedicate more resources and time to any one issue that many members could.   The key here is acting alone can be costly and time-consuming, but working with us means you free up time and money for the things that matter in your business.

If you operate a business (profit making or not) in the fitness area, then ExerciseNZ is YOUR association.  Join it to support its existence and ability to work for YOU.  More detailed benefits of membership are listed below.

Yes, this page has LOTS of text, but we do LOTS!  So read on …

Benefits of membership to Exercise NZ can be broadly grouped into four key functions:

  1. Advocacy – we fight on your behalf (ACC, IRD, Music Industry)
  2. Support your Business
  3. Upskilling for your business & staff (industry conference, industry awards)
  4. Preferential treatment by suppliers

1) Advocacy (we fight on your behalf)

When the industry needs a united front to lobby or negotiate with another industry, or the Government, ExerciseNZ performs this function.  What’s most important here is that without ExerciseNZ, this function would not happen, and each and every business in the exercise industry would need to negotiate separately with businesses like the music industry, and also lobby government agencies such as IRD and the Commerce Commission.

Examples of this include:

  • Negotiating with both APRA and PPNZ for music licence tariffs on behalf of the industry (note – after negotiating, we distributed a draft to the industry for comment before finally agreeing with APRA and PPNZ on actual rates).  Note: APRA and PPNZ now work together on
  • Negotiate with IRD to develop an exercise product that is exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) – more details here
  • Challenged IRD when they claimed that all group exercise instructors needed to have withholding tax deducted (we believe this is incorrect)
  • Engages with Ministry of Health and ACC to promote our industry and how it can play a part in Government policy.
  • Lobbied the Government and had them change the policy on childcare in gyms (before then gyms offering childcare, even if for a handful of children, needed to be a fully licensed crèche).


 2) Support your Business

Regular Communication on Industry Issues

ExerciseNZ communicates with members regularly, including:

  • Regular (normally fortnightly)  email updates on key industry happenings
  • Regular (approximately monthly) written updates on key issues

We also provide subscriptions/membership to the following publications/organisations as a part of your membership to us:

All items listed with a * are included benefits of Gold Membership, visit the Gold Members Info page to find out more or upgrade your membership.

Business Support

ExerciseNZ operates an 0800 for its members any business or industry issue.  Have a question? – call us!  (Could be anything from an employment question, to industry practices, to knowing who to contact to get some new lockers).  We are here to help.    In addition as a Federation of IHRSA you get access to their resources.  If you are a Gold Member of ExerciseNZ you are also a Club Network Member giving you access to their past and historical club resources.


ExerciseNZ has developed substantial resources on issues effecting the exercise industry in New Zealand.  Everything from consumer law around membership agreements, through to health and safety considerations.  ExerciseNZ continues to develop resources where issues affect the industry.

  • A guide to common industry issues (40+ pages).  This covers a large range of topics, including: WorkSafe rules (including for music volume),  childcare, how to use the disputes tribunal, minors (those under 18), measuring membership retention, insurance, IRD and staff, intellectual property and trademarks and music licencing
  • HR Guide (25+ pages) – employment issues in the fitness industry.  With lots of easy to follow flowcharts and guide of ‘how to’.  Includes dealing with disciplinary actions, redundancy, and health and safety.
  • Membership agreements guide – includes a sample membership agreement and a full explanatory guide of how to build your own agreement and what clauses to consider using and why.
  • A guide to operating 24 hour/unmanned facilities.
  • Under 18 Minor Guide (extra agreement used when those under 18 wish to join your facility)*
  • Contracts for use with Personal Trainers (using the rental/contractor model)*
  • Contracts for use with Group Exercise Instructors (using the contractor model)*
  • A comprehensive guide for health & safety (25+ page) in the exercise industry in NZ (a practical ‘how to’ guide)
  • Australian Fitness Network Membership ($A130 per annum)*

All items listed with a * are included benefits of Gold Membership, visit the Gold Members Info page to find out more or upgrade your membership


  • Code of Ethics and door decal for display within the club
  • In development in 2016, for 2017 launch: An annual “Join a Gym” campaign.

IHRSA Federation Membership


Members of ExerciseNZ receive a Federation membership to the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).  IHRSA is the largest fitness/exercise organisation in the world, with over 9,000 members worldwide.  Key benefits include access to IHRSA publications electronically, as well as be able to attend IHRSA events worldwide at member rates.  Those who wish to upgrade to a full membership of IHRSA, which includes printed copies of magazines and full access to IHRSA’s Passport Programme (international reciprocal rights for your members).  To upgrade to FULL IHRSA membership the cost is $300USD  – Saving you $200 on the normal IHRSA members rates.  Contact if you wish to upgrade your membership.

3) Up-skilling for your Business and Stafffitex

Membership to ExerciseNZ provides access to key events in New Zealand, and overseas, at special member rates – in some cases saving several hundred dollars per person.


  • The biggest event on the New Zealand’s exercise industry calendar –  FitEx Conference and access to the Friday Business Summits.
  • ExerciseNZ roadshow – where come to a town near you in June annually
  • Members rates at Filex Conference in Australia*
  • Access to attend IHRSA Conference in the US with special rates for ExerciseNZ members

Any items listed with a * are included benefits of Gold Membership, visit the Gold Members Info page to find out more or upgrade your membership

4) Preferential Treatment by Suppliers

ExerciseNZ membership now includes the following supplier benefits (discounts):

Also, ExerciseNZ gives you a job credit (free job listing) on the job site (a bonus credit is also added for Gold members, and a further credit for REPs registered facilities – so a total of three free a year).

More member benefits are in the pipeline so keep an eye on this list and your regular members update details for more information.

membershipMembership Options:

Please select the option from the list, and complete the form below.  (Note all prices exclude GST)

If you wish to apply for membership, please select from one of the options above, and complete the form below.

Note: If you are part of a group/chain, and/or wish to join multiple organisations, please contact us.

MOST COMMON: Health Clubs, fitness centre or other exercise facilities

As a full member of ExerciseNZ, on joining you will receive a pack containing dozens of resources ExerciseNZ has produced over the years (that’s what the $200 joining fee goes towards) and also a ExerciseNZ door decal and info on how to access various special members-only rates.


  • $200 joining fee and $496 per year
  • Note: May be paid as $41.33 (excl GST) monthly if you prefer

Small Facility Membership (e.g. PT Studios, Yoga Studios, small gyms etc)

Full membership to ExerciseNZ is available to Personal Training studios, Yoga Studios, or small exercise facilities that have five or less staff/trainers (including owners that work in the business), and under 250 members, and under 200 sq metres in size.

Investment:$100 joining fee and $195 per year.

Sole Trader Membership

Designed for exercise professionals operating their business independent from any facility (either a mobile business, from home, or a combination of locations).

Provides access to all full members newsletters and support as well as ability to contact ExerciseNZ on specific issues.

Two investment options:

Option 1: Membership to ExerciseNZ only: $195 per year ($100 joining fee waived if REPs registered).  

Option 2: Membership to ExerciseNZ, plus REPs registration as a PT (including insurance) plus REPs ‘facility’ registration:  $495/year      ($917 value if all were arranged individually)

Exercise Professionals’ Membership

Exercise professionals who are registered with REPs receive a complimentary exercise professional associate membership.

The benefits provided under this include a number of specific resources and access to specific information.

Note: This membership does not receive the regular emails and member benefits.  It is designed to be a targeted membership for exercise professionals, and is provided for no charge to those who register with REPs.    


Become a preferred supplier. Includes associate membership to ExerciseNZ (receiving all of our communications) as well as being given Preferred Supplier status (subject to agreeing to the Preferred Supplier rules), a listing in the Preferred Supplier Directory (an electronic directory produced by ExerciseNZ, listing those suppliers we recommend).

For a full list of the various opportunities ExerciseNZ provides suppliers, see our opportunities document that outlines our plans for the upcoming year from a suppliers perspective.  Suppliers may also visit to view this page, which has information specific to suppliers.       Investment: $483.85 per year, with joining fee of $100.

Health Organisations and other allied organisations

An associate membership option open to schools, health organisations, government departments, regional sports trusts etc, that support the objectives of ExerciseNZ and wish to receive our regular communications.    Investment: $359


To join ExerciseNZ, simply complete the form below.  We will then be in contact within two business days.

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