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Radio Live has kicked off a new series on exercise with Richard Beddie, CEO of ExerciseNZ.  You can listen live on air weekly on Tuesdays on Radio Live – links will be provided weekly, where available, for these interviews.

13 March 2018  Latest Story

REPs flags warnings over Energy Drinks & Exercise

8 March 2018  Latest Story

Barring baby from gym praised as good Health & Safety

6 March 2018  Latest Story

Middle aged gym goers could be driving rise in injuries

20 February 2018 Latest Story

Sitting is the new smoking

15 February 2018  Latest Stories

Give some thought to your heart on valentines day

7 February 2018 Latest Story

ACC Gym related claims on the rise again

29 January 2018  Latest Stories

2017 Exercise Industry Awards, Personal Trainer of the year – Corinne Austin – Sends an open letter to PM on improving NZ Fitness levels

16 January 2018  Latest Stories

Exercise still #1 New Years Resolution

Fitness experts share tips to keep your New Year’s resolution

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