Latest Stories 12 December 2017

Enjoy Christmas but keep up the regular workout activities

Latest Stories 29 November 2017

Radio Interview – Exercise Industry Awards

2017 Exercise Industry Awards

The Cafe – TV Interview – Exercise Advice

2017 Personal Trainer of the Year awards recipient – Corrine Austin

 Latest Stories 1 November  2017

Parkinsons Awareness week

Sugar Tax

Latest Stories 23 October  2017

Exercise experts vying for NZ Awards

Latest Stories 9 October  2017

Exercise experts vying for NZ Awards

Latest Stories 2 October  2017

Why do we think of exercise as a chore?

Latest Stories 25 September 2017

ExerciseNZ has asked the major political parties for their stance on health-related fitness in the run up to Saturday’s national election, so more Kiwis are better educated about exercise.

Latest Stories 19 September 2017

Why intensity is important in training

New research that suggests childhood fitness leads to improved health as an adult

Latest Stories 3 September 2017

How to fit in exercise when you are time poor

Award winning Group Exercise Instructor gets Lincoln moving

Latest Stories 22 August 2017

Baby Boomers driving the New Zealand fitness market 

Latest Stories 15 August 2017

Councils propose to charge PTs to use public parks 

Latest Stories 8 August 2017

Exercise for the Elderly

July 2017 – Media Roundup

NZ has major fitness problem

Exercise NZ CEO Richard talks about the positive impact fitness can have on your mental health in this interview with The Café team.

  • Watch the segment here

Genetics a game changer in getting Kiwis fitter

June 2017 – Media Roundup

How do you start exercise when you have never done any before?  

International Yoga Day – Wednesday 20 June

Nation of Sports Lovers but not so active ourselves

Winter and Exercise

May  2017  – Media Roundup

ExerciseNZ – More Kiwis should exercise for mental health and The power of exercise for mental health (2 May)

NZ light years ahead of UK and US exercise facilities 

Exercise, the golden ticket for elderly independence 

April  2017  – Media Roundup

Pilates Instructors recognised as top Chief Information Officer

 March  2017  – Media Roundup

February  2017  – Media Roundup

Getting the exercise message to teachers:

The rise in agritech is making it tough for farmers to stay in prime shape and as a result, personalised exercise programmes in rural communities are in high demand:

January  2017  – Media Roundup

We get approached by a range of media to give information and advice on issues and topics related to the exercise industry. Our message is to support a sustainable exercise and fitness industry in New Zealand by growing participation in structured exercise.



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