12 December 2018  

Photographs from FitEx and Exercise Industry Awards 

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Turning adversity to business success 

29 November 2018  Latest Stories

Ngarama Milner-Olsen PT of the Year – Interview

  • waateanews.com  (scroll to 29 November – Ngarama Milner-Olsen Personal Trainer of the Year Winner)

Significant growth in Maori exercise leaders 

Wellington’s Milner-Olsen named as best NZ Trainer

Richard Beddie CE – Talks on Exercise Awards & Trends 

(note each interview is different)

31 October 2018  Latest Stories

Auckland Marathon – Injuries

A new beginning for the Yoga lunchbox

ExerciseNZ Acknowledged as top industry association for communications and marketing

Kids hitting the gym

11 October 2018  Latest Story

Kids in Gyms

Parents sign young kids up at adult gyms

 9 October 2018  Latest Story

Children going to adult gyms to get active

3 October 2018  Latest Story

Lack of Exercise putting pressure on Kiwis health

6 September 2018  Latest Story

Go Away and stop trying to take our money! More money for Exercise less for All Blacks

3 September 2018  Latest Story

Huge number of kiwis say they will soon start structured exercise

22 August 2018  Latest Story

Inaugural conference explores better structures for burgeoning NZ Yoga sector

17 August 2018  Latest Story

Boxing classes better for people with brain diseases

30 July 2018  Latest Stories

Kiwis not eating enough Fruit and Veges and half not exercising enough

High Intensity work out warning

24 July 2018  Latest Story

NZ’s top exercise industry body backs calls for tighter guidelines






Taranaki today


Australasian Leisure Management Magazine 


27 June 2018  Latest Story

Government called on to support kiwis healthy attitude

20 June 2018  Latest Story

Yoga Surging in popularity around New Zealand

31 May 2018  Latest Story

Kiwi kids need to be more active getting to and from School

24 May 2018  Latest Story

New European Data Protection Laws effect Australasian Businesses

11 May 2018  Latest Story

Legislation to restrict use of the term ‘teacher’ – Abandoned

1 May 2018  Latest Story

World Asthma Day

26 April 2018  Latest Story

TV One  Breakfast – Technology Interview with Richard Beddie

23 March 2018  Latest Story

NZ part of Global Exercise Explosion

13 March 2018  Latest Story

REPs flags warnings over Energy Drinks & Exercise

8 March 2018  Latest Story

Barring baby from gym praised as good Health & Safety

6 March 2018  Latest Story

Middle aged gym goers could be driving rise in injuries

20 February 2018 Latest Story

Sitting is the new smoking

15 February 2018  Latest Stories

Give some thought to your heart on valentines day

7 February 2018 Latest Story

ACC Gym related claims on the rise again

29 January 2018  Latest Stories

2017 Exercise Industry Awards, Personal Trainer of the year – Corinne Austin – Sends an open letter to PM on improving NZ Fitness levels

16 January 2018  Latest Stories

Exercise still #1 New Years Resolution

Fitness experts share tips to keep your New Year’s resolution

2017 Highlights