December 2020

Steady exercising counts, ExerciseNZ says (15.12.20)

November 2020

Exercise helps most Kiwis suffering from cancer (25.11.20)

Exercise Industry Awards Winners Announced (21.11.20)

The best of the best NZ Exercise Awards Finalists named (11.11.20)



October 2020

Growing evidence Gyms and Fitness Clubs are safe (1.10.20)

September 2020

Keeping gyms safe from Covid-19 (15.9.20)

Gym-goer with Covid-19 works at Jet Park Hotel quarantine facility (14.9.20)

Most gyms doing more than required to keep you safe (14.9.20)

August 2020

Coronavirus: Recovery from level 3 could be harder for Auckland gyms this time (27.8.20)

Proposed commercial rent laws not passed: No help for tenants (26.8.20)

July 2020

NZ helping countries prepare for life after covid (23.7.20)

Great news for NZ gyms, exercise facilities – survey (1.7.20)

June 2020

NZ Fitness Centres back to 70% activity levels (05.06.20)

Fitness Centres struggling to remain open (2.6.20)

Some gyms expected to close due lower numbers (2.6.20)

May 2020

Gyms will be keeping members spread out during L2 (15.5.20)

Gyms ready to re-open with COVID-19 mitigation strategy (13.5.20)

Sport the focus of epidemic response committee (13.5.20)

Exercise Industry ready for alert level 2 – not business as usual (12.5.20)

How gyms will operate under l2 Covid rules (8.5.20)

ExerciseNZ CE invited to speak at Parliaments Epidemic Response Committee. (8.5.20)

Sporting Bodies face difficult times (7.5.20)

April 2020

Commercial leases to be regulated (16.4.20)

Exercise experts producing NZ’s biggest online directory during lockdown (9.4.20)

80 percent of NZ trainers and exercise facilities operating online (1.4.20)

March 2020

How we stay fit has been shaken up during lockdown (31.3.20)

Alcohol and cigarettes can be delivered but not exercise equipment (27.3.20)

Kiwis lock-down -day one- exercise never more important (26.3.20)

Kiwis Trainers preparing for Government’s 3rd stage (22.3.20)

Kiwis should keep up physical activity during the coronavirus pandemic (18.3.20)

Woman’s day – Kiwi women fitter than men, (18.3.20)

January 2020

Getting Kiwi kids moving in 2020

Beddie calls for more New Zealanders to be active in 2020

Kiwis injuring themselves at the gym than any other sport

Government Schools and Whanau should help young kiwis get fitter

More Exercise Urged

Exercise – Top sport in New Zealand – but too many kiwis are overweight

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