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Following on from the huge popularity of SUP fitness across the globe GlideFit NZ is bringing  brand new aquatic fitness equipment here to NZ! Invest in a set of these quality inflatable boards for your venue and the GlideFit floating HIIT classes are guaranteed to generate public interest and increase club memberships. It doesn’t stop there. Almost any exercise you can do in the gym, you can adapt to this workout on water. Utilise your Instructors knowledge and experience to build your own classes, or train them through our certification process and gain access to specialised class sequences. There is no obligation to pay a monthly subscription fee. Make the most of summer in an outdoor pool and bring it indoors to the heated pool during winter. Classes can be run all year round. 
It’s no coincidence that our boards are yellow – the colour of fun, energy, vitality, happiness and inspiration – just like our classes. When you make an investment in GlideFit boards you are investing in your members health and continued opportunities for years to come. The options are endless. Yoga. Pilates. Barre. Great for School holiday programs. You can even run boot camp style classes in the local harbour or lake. Year after year you can introduce new classes to keep up with demand and current trends. Your participants can work up a sweat strengthening their core and increasing their balance and agility, and then cool off in the water below! The undeniable fun experienced during these workouts will have them coming back for more… and bringing their friends!


Purchase a fleet to suit your venue. Quantity is up to you. Fleet pricing starts from as little as 5 boards. Each fleet comes with special bungees for pool tethering, hand pump, marketing images, and class sequence to get you up and running. Larger orders come with electric pump.


Add to your portfolio of client services and take your training outdoors, or contract out to the pools in your area. Continued opportunity for growth. Hire yourself out for classes in private homes, or register for health and fitness events in the community


Rather not build your own classes. We can take the hassle out of it and certify Instructors through our specialised training program.


On purchase of a GlideFit fleet of any size gain access to the secure section of website where GlideFit merchandise is available for purchase, to present your class in a professional image.

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