Billing Companies

Genoapay is a simple yet effective payment option that allows your clients to get what they need, when they need it and split the payment over 10 weeks without any fees or interest. We pay you the full purchase amount (less a small service fee) within 48 hours, so you carry no risk. 

Genoapay is currently used in 2000+ businesses around New Zealand as a payment option. We helps to attract the customers who may not want to pay for your products or services upfront and helps to retain their business by giving them the most affordable way to pay. Genoapay is the longest ‘buy now pay later’ solution on the New Zealand market offering 10 instalments to your customers. 

In Stores

Genoapay can operate as a standalone platform which you can start using in your business now. A simple and easy to use interface for your staff to increase sales and average order values

On the Go

Our scalable platform is designed to work with any business, anytime. Being cloud based means you can easily create payment plans from any device

E-Commerce Integration

Integrations to multiple ecommerce platforms makes Genoapay easy to roll out and quick for customers. All Genoapay sales from the platform and ecommerce plugins are trackable through a single dashboard.

Contact Details

Phone:0800 436 625