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Your gym is something to be proud of. Enhance your members experience with our Antibacterial Wet Wipe System for Gyms. 

•	Our wipes kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, are recyclable, alcohol free and are safe for members with accreditations for use on both hands and surfaces.

•	Our free standing and wall mounted dispensers come in a range of colours to match your branding, and with options to add your own logos they will stand out and look the part on your gym floor. 

•	Offshoot offers great benefits to customers including Free Dispensers, Free Installations and Free Deliveries. In addition to wipes we also offer a full range of paper, soap and chemicals for gyms.

•	Get in touch to discuss how we can help

Free Standing Dispensers

Set your gym apart with our flag ship all in one cleaning station. Your customers will love its simplicity and ease of use and with colours to match your brand, it will stand out on your gym floor. Ideal for gyms with limited wall space or that require flexibility in wipe station positioning. This unit is portable, holds 1,000 wipes and has a built-in bin.

Wall Mounted Dispensers

• Our sleek, wall mounted cleaning pod will bring the future of gym hygiene to your gym. This unit is compact, looks great on the wall and provides members with a premium hygiene experience. Ideal for gyms with limited floor space and high-volume requirements. These pods hold 1,250 wipes and have a tearing mechanism to encourage 1 wipe at a time.

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