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Power Plate is the leading global brand in the category of whole body vibration training equipment. 20 years old in 2019, this brand and training modality is here to stay. Validated by scores of research studies, and used by sporting elite around the world – it is not a matter of IF whole body vibration works, but how BEST it will work for you. Supported by world class educators, aligned with EXOS, Gray Institute, Burrell Education, EBFA, and other global fitness education leaders, the opportunity to enhance training results for everybody is huge.

With 11 different models, and bespoke market segment solutions such as small group training, post natal exercise, women’s wellness, golf conditioning, sports performance, senior balance and fall prevention programs, there is a solution to suit most needs. 

The Smarter, Shorter, Safer Solution

Fitness consumers have new needs. They are increasingly concerned about physical distance, hygiene standards and contact anxiety, as well as maintaining their usual health and wellness practices. Here’s how we can make this easy for you, harnessing the uniqueness and versatility of Power Plate products, as well as helping you deliver better results in less time for your members. - Power Plate® is versatile and multi-functional. One exerciser can use just one machine for their whole session, which might include PT, Small Group Training, or a self-led workout. - Accelerated training leads to maximum outcomes in the shortest amount of time, enabling effective results for members, with reduced- Shorter training times on one piece of equipment help you control member movement around your club, as well as allowing for more members to train in less time, maximising capacity limitations. in-facility exposure.

Power Plate Pro5

Built on decades of research in the field of whole body vibration training, Power Plate pro5 brings the most robust, effective technology to your training. With a wide range of settings, you can increase vibration levels incrementally—taking you where you want to go with your goals, at the pace that’s right for you. Integrating easily into your facility and used as a personal training tool or in a small group training setting, your customers will love you for it and keep coming back for more.

Power Plate Small Group Training

Designed by Laura Wilson, an ex-Les Mills choreographer, Power Plate is bringing you this small group training programme to add to your class offerings. Transform your game using these carefully designed periodised programmes offered in four different formats to excite your member database and maximize efficiency of your trainers! We supply in-club marketing collateral to help attract your members’ interest and boost the awareness of this exciting new offering.

7-series Prepare/Recover Software

Prepare-Recover is a new, user-friendly software interface available on 7 Series models. It guides the user through simple-to-use pre-workout warm up and post-workout cool down programs and was developed specifically to help improve member experience and maximize Power Plate usage. The Prepare/Recover software is an easy “2-click”, time efficient and effective 5-minute warm-up and cool-down solution for all users and has been tailored to complement popular cardio and strength training workouts.

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