Welcome Fit

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Welcome Fit is purpose built for live, interactive online workouts.  It’s like exercising in front of a mirror, with a coach right there for guidance and motivation.  We’re passionate about getting people more active, which is why Welcome Fit is open to participants who can join any of our regular live group workouts.  We also enable exercise professionals to use Welcome Fit for building their own online fitness business and training their clients online.

Interactive Live Workouts

Exercise Professionals control the participant’s view to optimise the workouts, including using HD exercise clips, ‘client mirror’ view, ‘coach feedback’ view and face to face.


Even in group workouts, only the exercise professional can see all participants, so there is no need to worry about tidying up!


No commute for workouts, so a 30 min session only takes 30 mins, not an hour or more. Great for participants and essential for coaches interested in reducing client churn.

Tools for Exercise Professionals

Everything a exercise professional needs to build an online fitness business – even replace Welcome Fit’s logo with your own branding! Schedule 1-1 or group workouts, create landing pages to promote sessions and fill vacancies, accept payments, upload your own exercises, build workouts and more!

Valuing the importance of real communication

We believe that exercise professionals are best placed to support people to achieve their fitness goals. DIY fitness apps have been found to become ineffective after only 2 weeks, with users reverting back to old behaviour. With Welcome Fit, real trainers provide real feedback and support, real-time.

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