Presenter: Barry Donaldson

Profile: Barry Donaldson, Dip.Physio, Dip of Manipulative Therapy PhD. Barry graduated in 1983, gained a certificate of acupuncture 1984, a post graduate Diploma of Manipulative Therapy in 1989 and a PhD in post surgical management of lumbar discectomy in 2010. Barry has had extensive involvement in New Zealand Rugby from Club level through to All Black physiotherapist 1994 – 1995. Barry’s main areas of clinical interest at present are in muscle balancing, spinal therapy and postural dynamics.


Time: 11.45-12.45pm

Session: Biomechanical analysis of lower body muscle balance and new research on core stability.

In this session today a quick easy assessment will be demonstrated that provides the assessor (PT) with a complete assessment of the client’s flexibility ratio, muscle firing patterns and objective measure of the deep abdominals (internal oblique and transverse abdominus), using the pressure cuff stabiliser. This enables the personal trainer to tailor an individualised programme for the client that can be objectively measured in follow-up sessions.

Once proficient with this assessment it takes approximately ten minutes to complete. The objective gains for the client; in terms of flexibility, muscle firing patterns and deep core strength are monitored by both the personal trainer and the client. The client experiences real, physical benefit and enjoys the success of working through a progressive programme of exercises that is guided by the personal trainer.

Further to this, the latest in scientific training for the core will be discussed and demonstrated.


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