Presenter: Catherine Sissons

I always have been fascinated by food ever since I was a child. I used to meal plan in my school canteen as a teenager and had a number of food service roles while I studied Human Nutrition at the University of Otago 17 years ago. 

However the true learning how human behaviour impacts our health and well being didn’t truly arrive until I unexpectedly fell pregnant with my son, Charlie in 2014.

I had been a nutritionist for eight years, building my own clinic in Auckland over five years. I had been helping people improve their health sustainably and removing the need to diet altogether, however there was a missing piece. I didn’t truly understand the influence of our emotions on the sustainability of our health.

In 2014, I was to enter a four year learning curve that will test me mentally, physically and emotionally. The emotional component was an integral part of the health and well being equation something no university or learning institution can teach until you go through it first hand. It was at this time I realised how much we can attach guilt to how we eat (and live). Feeling exhausted from what our children (and life) throws at us is a quick way to find out what works and what no longer serves us.

I noticed that I naturally felt like sugar when things became chaotic and out of my control after having Charlie something I hadn’t experience before being a mother. 

This is why I become The Guilt Free Nutritionist.


Time: 1.00-2.00PM

Session: 3 Ways to Help Your Clients Sustain Eating Well Guilt Free

People have become so confused about what to eat and how to sustain eating well. They stay motivated for a set period of time before they lose interest and self sabotage their health and well being. In this session I will provide you with a look at how to satisfy your clients appetites, curb their sugar cravings, give them sustainable energy for their workouts and how to balance the way they eat so that can keep their results. Eating Guilt Free is not only about fueling your cilent’s for optimal performance in their life it also allows your clients to their mindset of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ when it comes to how they eat. To enable them to sustain the balance of eating the foods they love and staying healthy for life.


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