Presenter: Dave Liow

Profile: Dave is an exercise physiologist and a holistic movement coach. He is the co-owner of the Kaizen Health Centre and the founder of the Holistic Movement Coach Programme based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Dave has a long history in elite high-performance sport conditioning and has worked with a wide range of world-class athletes.  He also specialises in working with clients with chronic pain and injuries.  He currently presents internationally to health professionals on integrating a holistic approach, and cutting-edge movement techniques into health and fitness.


Time: 1.00-2.00pm

Session: Finding your Flow

What are your strengths? What comes easily to you? Finding your flow and using methods to help keep you in flow makes focused, fierce, fitness professionals. If you’re a Jack or Jill of all trades and you’re struggling to get into your groove, this session will take you through some of the methods I’ve used to mentor great fitness professionals to find their flow and achieve their potential.


Time: 2.45-3.45pm

Session: The Barefoot athlete

Forces are most often developed from the ground up.  What we put between ourselves and the ground can make or break us. Do shoes really protect our feet? Is the barefoot and minimalist footwear trend just another fad?  Forget the marketing hype. This session explores what science has to say about shoe design and barefoot running. Learn a few simple techniques to assess your clients’ feet and get them working better regardless of what they choose to put on their feet.



Session: Hip Pain in the Gym

Hip pain is common in an ageing population, such as ours. There is also a sharp rise in hip pain in young- and middle-aged exercising populations. The hip joint is the “work horse” of the body. Hip pain will absolutely stop your client from enjoying movement and exercise. Learn how to assess problem hips and how to apply simple techniques to manage problem hips that you can easily use in your facility to help clients regain pain-free movement.

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