Emma Goldstraw – Setting The Standard with Exercise New Zealand

For the second instalment of our ‘Setting The Standard’ series, we introduce you to Emma Goldstraw a Personal Trainer and 3D Movement Coach from Total Health New Zealand. Emma is passionate about helping older clients connect with their bodies and improve their balance, which can help to prevent potentially debilitating falls.

Her unique exercise offering considers the entire body as a whole and explores movement within a variety of planes rather than typical up and down motions. By moving in this way, and mimicking real-life activities and situations, clients leave feeling more supported, empowered and stabilised during their everyday lives.

‘I believe in moving people through all planes of movement, so not just focusing on up and down movements but getting them to focus on movements they would be doing in everyday life’, says Emma.

For Emma, moving and keeping fit is imperative to her mental health, and she has experienced the direct correlation with regular exercise and improved mental strength and confidence first-hand. This is something she aims to achieve in her classes and by focusing on building balance, strength and confidence, Emma can help older clients live longer, happier and pain-free lives.
Susan sought out Emma’s classes after she suffered a debilitating fall 18 months ago that left her with a damaged knee that required surgery, and her husband with a broken pelvis after attempting to catch her. After a long road to recovery, Emma is helping Susan regain her steadiness on her feet and her confidence in everyday activities to prevent any future falls.

This type of support is imperative to the ageing community who can sometimes find themselves in a fitness group not quite right for their needs or potentially overlooked entirely. Emma’s exercise philosophy is simple and her passion for helping others build confidence, strength and in turn better lives, doesn’t go unrecognised.

‘It doesn’t feel like a job. I know that is a really cheesy thing to say but I am making a positive impact and genuinely helping people live stronger, happier lives.’

We are proud to be working with such a motivated and caring health and fitness coach who is doing an amazing job in representing the fitness industry and the importance of keeping active at any stage in life. If you would like more information, please feel free to get in touch.