ExerciseNZ Membership Upgrade Form


Important Information

- Please only use this form if you are an existing member of ExerciseNZ and would you like upgrade your membership type.

- If you are not yet a member please use this link

- All memberships run 1 April to 31 March. If upgrading part way through the year, this will be factored into any increase in price/credit offered.

- If after upgrading your membership you have a credit, this will be noted by us and applied to your next membership renewal.

- If you are unsure of your current membership type, it will likely be 'Service and Support' if you do not donate any memberships to us, or 'Gold' if you do.

Feel free to call us if you don't know which, or just have questions about how to use this form - Ph: 0800 66 88 11
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