FITEX 2019 Highlights

In November we held the FITEX which is the biggest fitness convention in New Zealand that brings like minded fitness and wellness professionals together. Over 3 days we held over 100 sessions with 50 presenters from around the globe at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). As an Exercise NZ event FITEX aims to educate and inspire the next generation of exercise professionals to help people become more physically active. 

The theme of FITEX this year was all about expanding opportunities. We saw this at the Business Summit for owners/managers of clubs and our Business Summit for personal trainers  on Friday when it was asked: How do we engage with the traditional non exerciser? We also had our opening keynote speaker, Derek Barton, known as “The Brand Man”, and Head of Marketing at Gold’s Gym International. He explained the importance of telling your story in terms of marketing and how it can lead you to success! 


We held the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards which celebrated the amazing fitness professionals doing amazing work for their facilities and communities as they help get and keep people physically active. The night was hosted by TV Personality, Suzy Clarkson and was attended by over 300 people. We commended 22 professionals with awards and recognised their contribution to the health and wellness of New Zealanders. 


On Saturday and Sunday we had over 100 sessions held by experts from all over the world that covered topics like Mind Body, Exercise as Medicine, Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Prescription, Nutrition and Business. These topics enhanced our Reps Registered members as they could hear from experts in the industry about how to increase their performance in their field. This convention had everything that fitness professionals and facility managers/owners need to engage with the New Zealand public and create a positive impact. 


It is a very powerful thing to be able to bring over 900 like-minded professionals from the fitness industry together. It is a great way to educate yourself about relevant industry information and network with other professionals. It gives you a chance to discuss topical issues facing the industry and learn how to maintain relevant in the industry. 


Here is what a few of our members had to say about the FITEX convention: 

“FITEX is awesome, everybody should be here, there is so much learning and so much knowledge.”

“I don’t think the fitness and health industry get together enough to discuss topics and share their learnings and network and work together. The more we get together and discuss it and talk about it the more it’ll have an impact on the greater community.”


“Just trying a bit of everything and that is the good thing about everything, you can just have a look into other peoples worlds.” 


“It’s been amazing, I feel blessed to be here.” 


“There’s no doubt that the stand out about FITEX over here is that fact that the clients are so passionate and humble, they want to learn. The key thing is that they take it away and apply it.”


“(FITEX) gives you a real buzz, you need to be here to experience it”


We are so happy with how the FITEX 2019 convention turned out  with so many passionate and driven fitness professionals, we hope to see you at FITEX 2020.