What Is FitEX LITE?

FitEX LITE was held on the 24th April 2021, in Christchurch.

FitEX LITE is designed to offer world-class education opportunities for exercise professionals and movement practitioners of all types via a one day event that’s jam-packed with opportunity and education.

FitEX LITE Is Worth 10 CPD Points For REPs

What was on Offer?



Keynote Session


World-Class Presenters



Sessions Delivered Over 3 Live-Streams

Full range of topics on exercise, the science of performance, business, Group Exercise and Aqua

Delivered through practical workshops, lectures and masterclasses (you choose which sessions to attend).

A must-attend for Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Group Exercise Instructors and anyone who works in the exercise industry, over $1000 value for as little as $245!


Meet The Presenters


Corinne Austin

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Corinne Austin, the face of ‘sunshine’ as many see her, has 16 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Establishing her own PT company almost 14 years ago, and following many educational pathways in the last five or six years under some of the world’s best, she now operates under the title of ‘Functional Health and Movement Coach’. In 2017 she won the prestigious title of ‘Exercise New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year.’ She thrives on the detective side of understanding what’s going on with her clients bodies and utilises many pathways to establish the most personalised and appropriate programming for them. Corinne’s underlying drive is in creating ‘happy bodies’ – understanding the many things that must be considered for a client to be at their peak in both fitness AND wellness.

The New Era of Personal Training

It was about 40yrs ago that Personal Training was born into the New Zealand market. Industry legends Wendy Sweet and Dave Liow were two of our kiwi born Personal-Training protégé who lead the way in a time when it really was a luxury item only for the ‘rich’. Personal Training began as an exercise and fitness-based service, with the odd little bit of nutritional or lifestyle advice thrown in along the way. And it’s continued along this way for 40yrs or so.

But industries evolve according to the demands and needs of the populations who invest in them. We are living amongst a population that is the most sick and diseased of any population to have ever roamed the Earth. As legend Dave Liow once said ‘we are health and fitness professionals but what ever happened to the health?’

Corinne Austin, Exercise NZ’s 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year, believes she’s one of a group of industry professionals leading the way in a new era of Personal Training. As PT’s, we have incredible potential to comprehensively influence the clients we see and serve. But how can we better serve the ‘health’ aspect of our ‘health and fitness professional’ title? How can we progress and evolve our role to accommodate the growing needs of our clients? How can we safely tap into other elements of health beyond nutrition and fitness without stepping outside of our scope? What cutting-edge strategies are available for us to integrate immediately to maximise our clients success?

Join Corinne as she opens your eyes to new ways, new possibilities, and the new era of Personal Training.

Revolutionising Fitness Testing for our Real World clients

Wall Squat Holds, Beep Tests, Maximum Press-ups, Sit and Reaches, Most Burpees in a minute. These are all very common and standard fitness testing activities that we have believed to be the gold standards for assessing progress in our clients. And, if we are testing athletes and sporting professionals, then some of these tests are indeed relevant and appropriate for those populations.

But what about clients that aren’t in those elite athlete populations – which is probably most of our client base…? Are these tests as appropriate and relevant as they could be for the populations we are working with? Are they helping clients achieve what they’re striving for? Do they feed us critical information about the greater mechanics and abilities of our clients ever-changing bodies? Or are there perhaps better, more significant, and more suitable tests or checks we could be using to assess our clients and support their ongoing improvements, progress and greater health?

Join Corinne Austin, Exercise NZ’s 2017 Personal Trainer of the Year as she throws her toys out of the current fitness testing cot, challenges your thinking, and opens your mind to a new and, perhaps more meaningful, world of fitness testing. By knowing better, we can do better. And when we consider the actual rather than assumed meaning behind why our clients want to train with us, it can broaden our scope exponentially for the many different ways we could extend our fitness testing repertoire with our clients, changing the course of their lives, and the credibility of our career.


Maria Teresa Stone

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Maria Teresa Stone, originally from Mexico now lives in New Zealand. She taught her first “aerobics” class in 1996, and has been teaching since then. Maria Teresa is a Zumba Education Specialist and co-founder of My Group Move. She was Inducted to the Roll of Honour in 2016 by Fitness Australia for her contribution to the fitness industry.

Own The Stage

No matter your background or level of experience, YOU can command attention and gain a level of trust from your audience using a strong sense of presence. But, how do you do that? Maria Teresa Stone has been teaching group fitness classes for 24 years and presenting for 15, she will share her ultimate guide to ensure you nail it every time you are on stage.

Water Combat

Become the Bruce Lee of the water with this dynamic session that utilises well known martial art moves. You will learn the technique behind the moves and walk away with an exciting class plan that works! It involves winning combinations in an easy-to-follow cardio inspired workout.


Shane Way

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Shane Way is a 3-time New Zealand Exercise Industry Award Winner, winning Student of the Year 2016, up and coming Personal trainer of the Year in 2017 & Community Contribution in 2018. Shane is a Reps registered exercise specialist and their qualifications include a Certificate in Exercise, Certificate in Massage, and a Degree in Sport Science and Human Performance.

Most recently Shane was a finalist in both the People’s Choice & Educator of the Year at the 2019 New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards and since then has gone on to complete a certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching in Practice, become a qualified transformational life coach and is about to start the New Zealand Certificate in Te Reo – Te Ara Reo Māori (He Pī ka Pao).

Shane runs their own wellbeing business, ‘Shane’s Way’ where they provide services including personal training, wellbeing coaching, massage therapy, along with seminars & wellbeing workshops. Shane is currently moving into creating blog, vlog and podcast content. Shane is also a motivational speaker and has presented at FiTex in both 2018 & 2019 covering topics such as Mental Health, Wellbeing, Business and Self Care.

Mental Health, Motivation & Movement

If you haven’t had a lived experience of mental health, then it’s hard to understand what’s going on for your client. The session is designed to help you gain insight into living with mental illness, and to gain the skills and tools needed to work with, encourage and support people battling an invisible disease.


– Gain the ability to understand the main mental health disorders within New Zealand that your clients may present and identify with.

– Identify the signs and symptoms of these mental illnesses, just as you would be able to with a physical illness.

– Understand the barriers to exercise that these mental health disorders create for people accessing physical activity

– Learn how to become more vulnerable so that you can not only work with, but support and motivate clients who are mentally unwell to achieve their goals

The goal is for you to leave the session with a deeper understanding of the Mental health landscape in New Zealand, how to work with clients who are struggling with mental illness and have more confidence in your ability to do so leading to better results, and sustainable success

Becoming Your Best Business You

Becoming your best business you will be a high speed hands-on workshop, designed to support you in taking that leap of faith to level up, expand your business and becoming everything you’ve ever dreamed of, but haven’t figured out how to…


– Utilising and understanding Business Model Canvas (BMC) to come up with a living and moving business model.

– Thinking outside the box and letting your creativity flow to help you reach your desired outcomes business.

– Through coaching we want to open your mind to further opportunities and help you realise your full potential.

– Expand yourself, your career and your business – Get out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone.

The goal is for you to leave with a fire in your belly and a tangible idea to start growing, evolving and leveling up your business and your life!


Roslyn “Roz” Ryan

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When I was working in the fitness and wellness industry I totally get it , the struggle of where to start and what to post. Rocking your social media marketing shouldn’t be this hard right? Have you been here?

I know you want to feel excited about spreading your wellness message. In order to do that, you need to be able to use social media effectively.

Social media is one of your biggest marketing assets, and Facebook still tops the list as the most-used platform in the world. So it’s frustrating (to say the least) when you realise you’re spending hours of your time posting and sharing … and nothing. Slowly the time you have decreases, and your stress levels just keep going up! I have been working as a Digital Marketer for the past 11 years. My passion is helping people like you spread your wellness message with you ideal audience. Most businesses understand what they need to be doing but are lacking the knowledge, time or staff to actually put the correct strategy in place.

I can help you connect with your health and wellness tribe and win with Social Media and your Digital Marketing.

How to Create an Instagram Sales Funnel That Converts—Without Ads

Building relationships with your audience is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to grow every part of your business from your email list to your social following to your revenue. And one of the most powerful ways to do this is through producing authentic engaging content that gives your ideal client that “aha moment” and get’s them to work with you!

Learning Outcomes:

– Learn how to design your customer journey should look like on Instagram.
– How to format the perfect BIO.
– Understanding how to target their problem with a solution.
– Ways to become a lead and nurture a lead from Instagram.
– Which part of the journey trips most businesses up.
– How do we attract our customer.
– What types of posts are working on Instagram.
– How to write your captions.

7 Components of Compelling Offers That Leave Clients Begging to Buy.

A compelling offer has seven components and raising your prices is one of them. The more compelling your offer the easier it will be to market and sell.

Learning Outcomes:

Examples of what a compelling offer looks like, scripts you can use to tweak and use for your own offers and strategies and examples on where to put your offers when marketing yourself.


Gemma Atkinson

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When Gemma entered the fitness industry 9 years ago as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor she began teach Aqua classes alongside her other various Group Fitness style classes. She immediately fell in love with being an Aqua Instructor when she realised the fun and exercise benefits the class participants were receiving from this style of class, Gemma reckons she gets just as much benefit and fun from teaching her ever popular weekly classes as the participants do!

Gemma’s passion to keep learning and developing has driven her to attend many Aqua conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally over the years and has subsequently presented several Aqua workshops and masterclasses including Fitex Lite 2019.

A Liquid Recipe For Success

People who attend Aqua arrive with many varying abilities, ages, diversity, so is it really possible to create an AquaFit class to suit EVERYONE?!

We believe so! In this Masterclass Gemma will share what has worked well for her as an Instructor and what has worked well for a diverse class to make it a fun and energising success.

With the use of music, choreography and drills Gemma will present a class that is guaranteed to keep your participants coming back for more.


Join Gemma as she provides this masterclass demonstration of what an ideal high energy Aqua HIIT class looks like. This a 35min High Intensity Interval Training class. Using drills, various timing intervals, circuits, and training methodologies paired with dynamic power moves designed to provide a heart racing challenging Aqua HIIT workout.


Mid Thomas-Savelio

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Mid is a cultural leader with a proven record of high staff satisfaction, excellent customer service and reliable commercial results. Thirty years in Les Mills, a ton of practical business experience, leading, managing and operating her own and other businesses with an insatiable appetite to help others learn, has taught her never to take anything for granted.

As a founder of Be Suite, she spends most of her time now helping people in business, fitness and life where she co-creates freedom and space for success. Technology, humanity, Resilience, Equity, along with words like wellbeing and sustainability, seem to be the most significant question marks for today’s leaders and thought-leaders of tomorrow.

Regardless of where you are in life, Mid supports growth because she understands what it takes to impact and create long-lasting change.

If you asked her to describe what she does in one sentence, she would answer “I help people”.

Becoming Undeletable

Did you know that research has shown that we process 34 Gb (gigabytes) of information a day that would overload a computer in a week in computer terms?

According to the researchers, the main effect of information overload is that the human attention to focus is continually hampered and interrupted all too often, which does not help in the process of reflection, deeper thinking and, most importantly, decision making.

So what does this mean to Gym Owners, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors? How do you get cut through so you can be seen? When the world is filled with information, how do you make what you do STAND OUT?

Join Mid for a session around how to become UNDELETABLE.

Being undeletable is essential; getting your message around what’s unique to you and your business has never been more critical.

Mid and the team at Be Suite work hard with their clients to help them be seen more often, and it’s not enough to have a creative marketing campaign. You have to walk the talk, make a difference and create action.

Mid works with start-up companies all the time to help them create strategies to be seen.

During this session, you will learn;

– What marketing types and channels are easily deleted.
– How to make the most of your marketing on a limited budget.
– Market validation, learn the basics of test and measure.

If you’re wondering why more people are not attending your facility, then wonder no more and join Mid for this interactive and highly informative, entertaining session.

The One, Two, Three of Being Me

Off the back of Becoming Undeletable join Mid for the extension on this topic with the one, two, three of being Me.

You may or may not have heard the saying “You are your business” and what’s your “Why”.

This is where all good business coaches will want to start when unpacking and understanding your USP (unique selling proposition).

Today’s challenge is that typically most fitness professionals sound the same; words like passionate, energetic and enthusiastic are often associated with top fitness professionals.

Find out what the Fitness giants today do to nail the one, two, three of being me every time, giving them the edge over others, then explore in a practical way how you can do this for your business.

Join Mid for an extended session on how you can genuinely understand what’s unique to you and why customers should choose you over your competitors.

During this session, you will learn;

– How to find out what really matters to you.
– How to translate your WHY into a marketing message. The value of Action.

Together we will unpack and understand the value you do bring into your customer’s lives, and how can you express this across all communication channels to create an emotional connection to you and your business.


Gareth Howley

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Gareth has worked for over 10 years in the health and fitness industry with a focus on movement, biomechanics and scientific evidence to help enhance client outcomes. Practical solutions are vital for our industry so Gareth uses his passions for science and exercise to help marry the two into effective techniques that he uses daily with his clients.

Take a Breath: Breathing for Fitness and Performance

Breathing practices are the new hot topic so lets stop to take a breath and see what is going on when we breathe. We need to ask questions like what are good breathing mechanics? What can we control about our breathing? How can we change our breathing habits? What strategies and protocols we can share with our clients and members to help reduce stress, manage more force, improve aerobic endurance and boost recovery?

In this session, we discuss the role breathing plays in fitness and exercise. How to manage or adapt your breathing to suit your exercise and how to build capacity in your breath to improve aerobic fitness, reduce systemic stress and recover faster for the next effort.

Movement for Team Sports

A lot of our clients enjoy participating in sports as part of their active healthy lifestyle. Team sports offer the social camaraderie that can be missing from our lives and takes the enjoyment to the next level. So as their PTs are we preparing our clients as best as we can in the gym to get the most out of their game and reduce the risks of injuries?

In this practical session, we look at how we can move our clients to better prepare them for the chaos and complexity of a team sport. We will cover what things we need to look out for when programming and ways to make their movement fun and game-like to mimic their sports environment.


Lynne Allen

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Hi, I’m Lynne.

Just a Scottish girl who has made her home in New Zealand a while ago (let’s not do the maths). A middle child (so clearly the best) and now mamma-bear to two wee crazies.Who else can sense karma coming?.
Hi, I’m Lynne. Just a Scottish girl who has made her home in New Zealand a while ago (let’s not do the maths). A middle child (so clearly the best) and now mamma-bear to two wee crazies.Who else can sense karma coming?.

I cry at adverts, laugh a bit too loud at most things, and love my walks with my two dogs (my fur babies) and just adopted a kitten without telling my husband.

One of my favourite moments was when someone referred to me as “quirky”, I think she meant weird. It’s true.

I get super passionate when talking about pelvic floors, the importance of strength training for women and any form of self-improvement. My values are all about self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-improvement.

Cool things I’ve done:
– BSc (Honours) Applied Sports Science
– Pre- and Post-Natal Coach
– Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist
– Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist
– Certified Spin Instructor
– REPs Registered Personal Trainer

Booty, Breathing and Posture: A real woman’s guide to Pelvic Floor strength for life

Dive down the rabbit hole with me and discover how breathing, posture and having a great set of glutes affects your pelvic floor and how giving your clients the knowledge they need to self-correct will turn you into a superstar in their eyes (and turn them into warrior women).

In this session, we will talk about the cycle of dysfunction in your postnatal clients, how their posture can be impacting on that dysfunction and how breathing correctly, being self-aware and building a great booty can have a hugely positive impact for the rest of their lives. There will be heaps of practical application that you can use with your own clients straight away. Fun (can pelvic floor stuff be fun?) and interactive session that will give you a lot to think about.


Kris Tynan

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Kris Tynan is Programme Director of Exercise as Medicine NZ, a charity committed to working with people with long-term conditons. An Active Ageing specialist, she has consulted to Arthritis NZ and the CDHB in the creation of their MAP programme for people with mild to moderate hip and knee OA.

Osteoarthritis Management for the Exercise Professional

OA is the most common of all long-term conditions. It is a significant cause of disability among adults and has far reaching effects both physically and emotionally.

This session addresses the current thinking around the management of this condition and the paradigm shift that has occurred in recent years. Is the only answer a joint replacement and if not what other options are there?


Jean Scott

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P.C.B = mojo Jean over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.
Is a certified Rep’s personal trainer, group fitness leader, yoga teacher, SAM and assessor for Skills active.

She runs a personal training business out of my standalone studio at home.
From the studio she coaches one on one , groups and yoga . During the summer months I take my outdoor training in the reserve across the road from my front door.

In the past Jean has managed a fitness club (10 years), managed the gym floor and personal trainers for a large club, contracted as a personal trainer for a large club , tutored at Ara and SIT and head ambassador for the Personal Training Council of New Zealand.

P.C.B = mojo

As trainers we all need to reconnect with our purpose both at a business and personal level to ensure we have consistency and balance.

Purpose + consistency + balance = mojo

We do this with our clients, do we do this ourselves.

Jean will take you through some drills and skills that you can workshop through and then use them with your clients.

Our Keynote Speaker


Nardia Norman

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Award-winning Nardia Norman has 20 years’ experience in coaching, education and personal training. Recipient of FILEX’s Presenter of the Year Award for 2018, Network Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year 2014 and an Australian Institute of Fitness Legend, Nardia has a strong history of consulting to small to medium sized fitness businesses and is a well-known industry influencer. Nardia’s understanding of the industry and what works helps drive her passion for helping people in fitness strengthen their businesses so that they can grow, thrive and make an impact.

She is also the creator of the Female Health + Performance certification; a women’s specialist training course for personal trainers.

Harden Up, Pro.
Your toolkit for overcoming the hard stuff in this new norm.

2020 was a hot mess for everyone, and while things are starting to improve there’s still many hurdles for fitness professionals to overcome. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “this is too hard” and aren’t sure how to navigate yourself and business in the coming year then this session is for you.

In this session you will walk away with a toolkit of simple, but powerful ‘actionables’ that will help you identify what tough stuff to work on, how to tap into your stores of resourcefulness and what step to take.


Ticket Prices

  All Session Pass Group Ex/Aqua Session Pass *
Member Price
$345 $245
Non-Member Price $445 $345


* In 2021 we are introducing a Group Exercise only pass.

This pass allows you to take part in any of the Group Exercise and Aqua sessions.

There will be one running in each time slot.



FitEX LITE will held at the new QEII Recreation and Sport Centre. This allows for Lectures, Workshops and Aqua and Cycling sessions.

Taiora QEII, 193 Travis Road, North New Brighton


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