Donated Memberships              

For both Gold & The Works membership options we keep your cash investment low, and additional benefits high by having members donate product (for gyms –  memberships, for yoga studios – concession cards, and for PTs – PT sessions) for ExerciseNZ to sell to members of the public who are new to exercise (we are very strict on this – it is not for exampling members, or even anyone who has been a member of ANY gym/facility in the last 12 months).
It’s all about getting more people active, while also raising funds for ExerciseNZ, all while keeping the cash cost of your membership to a minimum.

The Works donates twice the level of Gold, hence more benefits and lower cash investment.


Expected donation amounts for Gold / The Works memberships  

For facilities/businesses that sell memberships, the donation amount is 1 x 3 mth, 1 x 6 month and 1 x 12 month membership.

For businesses that are concession card/visit based (e.g. Yoga Studios), the donation amount is 1 x 10 visits, 2 x 20 visits.

For businesses where the main product is one on one sessions (e.g. PTs)then the donation amount is 3 x 3 one hour sessions.

The above levels are for Gold Membership.  For The Works, please double the above levels.


Sales Method

The memberships are sold by ExerciseNZ at a Subsidised rate maintaining the value of your product.
The Subsidy will range from 40-70% and the rate of subsidy may vairy depending on the initial cost, and the availibility of other memberships in your region.

So for example if a 12 month membership is normally $1000, we may subside it 40% and sell it for $600, but it’s VERY clear to the purchaser that they are buying a $1000 product.

The customer purchases the membership directly from ExerciseNZ, who then email you to advise it has been purchased.

Customer phones (as per instructions on the voucher) to make an appointment to come in and redeem their membership (membership starts from the date the voucher is redeemed in the club).

If a customer is not eligible (i.e already a member, or have not been expired for more than 12 months) please let us know the issue, then refer them back to ExerciseNZ.


How to Join (for new members) or upgrade your membership (existing members)  

If you are not yet a member you can join here:

Existing members can upgrade their membership to Gold or the Works here.