HAUORA Yoga Conference 2019 Highlights

Yoga Conference

Yoga by New Zealand recently held their annual Hauora Yoga Conference. This event brings together a large collection of presenters, teachers and students from the yoga community in New Zealand. It encourages a great sense of community, networking, peer support and understanding of what is happening to yoga in the country. 

About the event:

Our yoga conference is a great chance to learn and share with other yoga teachers and practitioners as well as see others in the community in a place of total collaboration. This event has been described as “a real sharing circle of yoga love in our country.” 


As an annual event, it is important for the yoga community together in order to appreciate the uniqueness of yoga and share the vision of yoga. New Zealand is currently in the early stages of yoga, as a seed. It is important for the community to come together, gather knowledge and share so that they can move to the next stage, which is sprouting. 


People have the opportunity to network with other teachers and students. Members have a chance to listen to presenters who have a lot of depth and understanding about yoga. Yoga teachers who attended the conference could learn from others and then go and impart their new wisdom to their own individual communities. 

Why go to the event?

A lot of people may think that they don’t need to connect with others in the yoga community. For those that do attend the conference, they find a deeper connection with themselves, their practice and with their community. You are able to come together in a unique way. This allows you to bounce ideas off others, share ideas and share the love. 


Part of what makes NZ yoga so special, is our unique Maori heritage, as a multicultural nation. We are a culture that embraces diversity and is willing to innovate and honour tradition. As one of our members highlighted, “We look back to the past, to ground in the present and establish a vision for the future.” 


Our team is very happy with how this Yoga Conference turned out this year! We hope to see all you yoga teachers and yoga students at the Hauora yoga conference next year.


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