Presenter: Ish Cheyne

Profile: Ish Cheyne’s fitness industry career spans over 25 years. Starting in membership sales, and now Head of Fitness for Les Mills New Zealand, Ish has a unique skill set in strategy and operational success. His innovative approach to doing things ‘outside the box’ has developed paradigm shifts around the way Les Mills runs its fitness departments. Ish is highly regarded for his dynamic, motivational and informative presentations, covering all aspects of fitness, sales, business and leadership.


Time: 9.45-10.30am

Keynote Session: Leveling up for leadership

Being a leader is not something you are; it’s something you do. Whether you want to improve your leadership capability or want to be in a position of leadership, it starts with understanding yourself and an awareness of what skills and abilities you should be developing. It’s time to Level up.


Time: 5.15-6.15pm

Session: Future-proofing the business of PT

APPs, Wearables, Gyms, Boutiques and YouTube. It seems everyone now days can hustle a fitness product and make money doing it. There are so many ways for people to consume fitness offerings, so where does that leave trained fitness professionals? And how do they navigate in the new market? This session will unpack the future trends of fitness and identify the skills you need to thrive and survive as a PT.

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