Join the Exercise Association of New Zealand (ExerciseNZ)

This is for facilities looking to join the Exercise Association of New Zealand. If you are not an exercise facility please contact one of our industry partners below.

If you are a trainer (eg Personal Trainer, Group Exercise) you should contact the Register of Exercise Professionals ( or if you’re a yoga teacher you can contact YogaNZ (

ExerciseNZ has a membership for all types and sizes of exercise providers in New Zealand.

Please watch the video below for an introduction to ExerciseNZ.  We offer memberships to support all types and sizes of exercise providers in New Zealand – ranging from aFREE membership (‘in the loop’) through to a comprehensive ‘the Works’ full-service offering.

If you already know about us and want to join now simply:


Key Benefits of Membership

In a nutshell, we are here to help support the exercise and fitness industry in New Zealand.  We are a non-profit membership-based organisation – our members own us.

By joining, you receive significant membership benefits (listed below), and also support the only organisation that exists solely for the purpose of supporting the exercise industry in New Zealand.

One of the ways we add value to the industry is by focusing on the issues that we all face, but individually either don’t have the time, money or know-how for, or if we do, it’s just not economic to do it.  An example of this is recent issue with the Commerce Commission, and their interpretation of the law around membership agreements.  Individual clubs could all get a legal opinion costing several thousand dollars each, or ExerciseNZ could do the same thing, and then share it with all members.  Not only is this more cost-effective, but it also means that we can dedicate more resources and time to any one issue that many members could.   The key here is acting alone can be costly and time-consuming, but working with us means you free up time and money for the things that matter in your business.

If you operate a business (profit making or not) in the fitness area, then ExerciseNZ is YOUR association.  Join it to support its existence and ability to work for YOU.  More detailed benefits of membership are listed below.

Benefits of membership to Exercise NZ can be broadly grouped into the 3 categories mentioned in the video:

  1. Advocacy – we fight on your behalf (ACC, IRD, Music Industry)
  2. Lots of resources & tools
  3. Upskilling for your business & staff (industry conference, industry awards)

Membership Options & Benefits

ExerciseNZ offer a variety of memberships to suit your size and level of support as explained in the video and table below.

For detailed information what each membership offers, as use the link below


Below are our membership options – please click the image to enlarge it.

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Other ExerciseNZ Membership Types 

In addition to offering membership options for exercise businesses of all types and sizes, we also offer three special memberships for the following groups:

  • Supplier Membership
  • REPs Registered Associate Membership

NB: The REPs associate membership is free to all REPs registered exercise professionals.   Exercise professionals can also choose to get more support and resources from ExerciseNZ by upgrading their membership under the ‘Other Exercise Providers’ option listed in the tables and videos above. Contact for more information.