ExerciseNZ Partners with DebitSuccess

Australasia’s largest payments processor Debitsuccess and the Exercise Association of New Zealand (ExerciseNZ) have announced a partnership designed to support the growth of the health/fitness/exercise industry. Please click here to see the DebitSuccess media release.

June 2019 Latest Stories

Research shows importance of exercise in cancer care

Thousands of kiwis to celebrate international yoga day on June 21

May 2019 Latest Stories

Wellbeing Budget lacked wellness – exercise expert says

Exercise could guard against Alzheimers

April 2019 Latest Stories

Misconception that Summer best time to join gyms in NZ

 First major exercise conference in Christchurch in 15 years

ExerciseNZ CE flags anomaly of high gym membership yet overall low activity levels

ExerciseNZ encourages entries for 2019 Awards 


March 2019 Latest Stories

Dr Grant Davidson, Skills Active CE – Potential Court action over proposed changes to ITO

 Inactivity Levels & Gym Memberships 

  • Newstalk ZB –  from timestamp 8:13     (No longer available as Newstalk ZB only hold these on line for 1 week)

NZ among the worst countries for physical activity


February 2019 Latest Stories

Gym Memberships or work out at home?

Supervised exercise produces better results

ExerciseNZ CE Richard Beddie, Invited to present at World Health Organisation (WHO) 

The WHO event could improve the quality of lives of Kiwis, and if implemented, will reduce the health burden of inactivity on the taxpayer and government and it will explore ways of collaboration between Government, NGOs, the exercise industry and employers to get more Kiwis to be more active.


January 2019 Latest Stories

Karen Hay – Interviews Richard Beddie, CE ExerciseNZ

Kickstart 2019 with Exercise – Richard Beddie, CE ExerciseNZ


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