Paul Todd – Setting The Standard with Exercise New Zealand

In the fourth instalment of our ‘Setting The Standard’ series we introduce you to Paul Todd the owner of Advanced Fitness specialising as a personal trainer and health and performance coach, he also manages the Worcester Health Club. 

The health club has top clientele who are often under a reasonable amount of stress because they may work for long hours or lack sleep. His clients are often achieving high in their careers and they want to perform well physically to match this. 

Paul strives to ensure his clients can perform at the level they want to. He does this by analysing what causes his client stress, then he makes his clients aware of stress points and educate them on these areas to reduce stress. He does this by putting programs in place that implement beneficial long term strategies so they can perform well and get the results they want. 

Paul’s ultimate goal is to allow his clients to do what they love outside of the gym environment. So he sets them up with the tools physically and mentally that will help them move with a level of quality which allows them to do anything they want to do outside of the gym. He builds them up so they can do all the things they love doing and are able to trust their body.

Paul has had over 15 years in the industry and is most grateful for the people he has met in the industry who have become great mentors. They instilled self-belief and gave him great leadership and direction in all areas of his career. These mentors have been there to bounce ideas off when he was having challenges. 

Paul enjoys being a member of Exercise NZ because being apart of the community allows you to meet some of the best minds in the industry and they can become great mentors. The great thing about the industry is that you are so close and connected to everyone. You might meet someone at a conference or talk to someone who is presenting and they are just happy to talk to you. This is a strong advantage in your fitness career to have good mentorship, leadership and direction. 


If you want the chance to meet up with industry professionals and hear what the best in the industry have to say, we are holding the FitEx conference from the 22nd-24th November in Auckland. 

We are so impressed with the hard work Paul puts in to create personalised experiences for his clients and really setting the standards for the fitness industry. If you would like more information, please get in touch. 


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