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What does purchasing from a Preferred Supplier mean?

All Preferred Suppliers have agreed to follow clear standards, which were set by ExerciseNZ in consultation with suppliers. The standards include behaviours that are encouraged (e.g. being honest in all dealings, only selling goods of a suitable commercial grade etc) as well as restricting certain behaviours (such as selling parallel imported goods).

As an example Preferred Suppliers agree not to sell goods that have been parallel imported because there have been major issues in the past regarding after sales support and spare parts of parallel imported goods. One of the principal reasons of creating such a programme is that club owners and managers can be reassured that there are no assumptions that benefit the supplier.

When dealing with a Preferred Supplier, assumptions benefit the buyer!  For example when dealing with a Preferred Supplier, you can assume all commercial weight equipment has a 24 month warranty unless it is stated in writing prior to the purchase.  We are aware of a supplier that even attempted to change the warranty terms after the sale (unsurprisingly this organisation is not a Preferred Supplier!).

So whether you are choosing gym equipment, front desk software, a billing company, or wanting help with marketing or sales, choosing to deal with a Preferred Supplier means the supplier has agreed to meet industry standards, and “play by the rules”.

What is the Preferred Supplier Directory

This directory provides businesses operating in the health & fitness industry with a list of reputable suppliers. From exercise equipment and sun bed suppliers, through to IT software and education providers, FitnessNZ has awarded the suppliers within this directory a Preferred Supplier status and therefore have been given the ‘thumbs up’ by your industry association and those we believe adopt the behaviour that the industry expects from a reputable supplier.

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Would you like to become a Preferred Supplier?

This page is designed to give information to suppliers to the health/fitness/exercise industry that would like to find out more about what ExerciseNZ does, and how we work with suppliers.

For information about ExerciseNZ click on here, or to find out more about our activities select Latest News and Media Releases or Events

If you are a supplier perhaps the most exciting program you may be interested in is the ExerciseNZ Preferred Supplier program. For details of this program, please feel free to review the Preferred Supplier section of our 2014 opportunities document (18 page pdf)

Suppliers wishing to become a Preferred Supplier can start the process on our Join ExerciseNZ Page