Snap Fitness – Setting The Standard Episode 5

For the fifth instalment of our ‘Setting The Standard’ series we introduce you to Snap Fitness, a franchise fitness business parented by LIFT Brands. We take a look at how they are going above and beyond as a 24/7 gym that strives to improves the community’s wellbeing. 

We spoke to Andy Peat, COO of Lift Brands AU/NZ, who is living proof that with strong drive and the right mindset you can grow your own business. Andy started with nothing and eventually he owned 9 Snap Fitness clubs. He then sold them successfully and now helps people run their own franchise with the Lift Brands mentoring program. He gets a lot of joy seeing people run their own Snap Fitness club, and the program allows LIft Brands to back solid operators who don’t necessarily have the money. This helps people own their own gym and turn it into something incredible. 

When we spoke to Ethan, the Club manager at The Palms Snap Fitness, he told us Snap Fitness is a great gym to be apart of because they have a strong focus on member engagement with community events. They recently launched their 6 week challenge that they do twice a year. This year they are focusing on Mike King’s mental health charity, which is a cause they strive to raise awareness for.

This year in particular Snap Fitness are opening their doors to the general public for mental health week so they can come in and train with no strings attached. This will help people to move a bit better and feel a bit better whilst raising money for mental health. 

When we asked Ethan what he enjoys about working with Snap Fitness he said the following: “I’m grateful to be apart of snap fitness because I feel valued, there is always room to grow and plenty of challenges for myself.” 

We met with Snap Fitness Personal Trainer Lee. He said Snap Fitness has a very strong community and people are non judgemental. There are a lot of members coming in from all different parts of life and they all have the desire to get fit and do what they need to do. 

Lee said, “I’m just grateful I get the opportunity to do what I do on a daily basis. I’m grateful for the people I get to work with in terms of clients and with staff. In general just having the opportunity to follow through with what my passion is.” 

Snap Fitness’ relationship with us:

We asked Andy what he thinks of Exercise NZ, this is what he said: 

“Exercise nz is the governing body for the industry within NZ and they are an extremely important part of the industry. We use them a lot to deal with our dealing with the commission and any legislation changes that may alter the way we do business. we have a strong partnership with Exercise NZ, all of our clubs have compulsory memberships with Exercise NZ and reps. it is a good membership to be apart of.” 

We are so impressed with the hard work Snap Fitness does to create a strong sense of community and improve people’s wellbeing. If you would like more information, please get in touch.