Industry Resources & Guidelines

There are six different types of guidelines and info that we have available on this website. Click on the information you would like below:

  1. Members of the public choosing a gym
  2. Students
  3. Seeking employment/training
  4. Looking for a recommended supplier
  5. A facility looking to become a member
  6. Resources for Exercise Facilities


Resources for Exercise Facilities

Resources below only available to members of Exercise NZ

ExerciseNZ has developed substantial resources on issues effecting the exercise industry in New Zealand.  Everything from consumer law around membership agreements, through to health and safety considerations.  ExerciseNZ continues to develop resources where issues effect the industry, and

  • A guide to common industry issues (40+ pages).  This covers a large range of topics, including: OSH rules (including for music volume),  childcare, how to use the disputes tribunal, minors (those under 18), measuring membership retention, insurance, IRD and staff, intellectual property and trademarks and music licensing
  • HR Guide (25+ pages) – employment issues in the fitness industry.  With lots of easy to follow flowcharts and guide of ‘how to’.  Includes dealing with disciplinary actions, redundancy, and health and safety.
  • Membership agreements guide – includes a sample membership agreement and a full explanatory guide of how to build your own agreement and what clauses to consider using and why.
  • A guide to operating 24 hour/unmanned facilities.



On the Resources menu you will find the following resources.


For the purposes of the pages “exercise facility” means any facility open to the public that offers exercise advice or demonstration – this includes gyms, fitness centres, PT studios, pilates/yoga/vibration studios, aerobic rooms/halls etc.