Terms and conditions for the Exercise Association of New Zealand “Early Bird Gets The Moolah” Giveaway

“We, our, us, Exercise NZ” refers to the Exercise Association of New Zealand.

The winner of this prize draw will be drawn on Monday the 12th April 2021 at random. All entrants will be added to a list for each entry they obtain(see next paragraph). This increases the probability of being selected but does not guarantee selection.

Each participant can have up to a maximum of two entries into the prize draw. 1 for being tagged in a Facebook post associated with this promotion by a friend, 1 for tagging a friend in a Facebook post associated with this promotion by a friend. Multiple tags of the same person will not generate extra entries.

IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE ENTERED IN THE DRAW, please send us an email at info@exercisenz.org.nz and we will remove you from the draw.

Once drawn, Exercise NZ will message the winner on the Facebook platform, If after 3 calendar days Exercise NZ has not heard from you we will email and/or call. If the winner does not make contact with Exercise NZ within 7 calendar days of being declared the winner there will be a redraw. This process will repeat as necessary until the prize is claimed.

The winner will have the personal cost of their ticket refunded while still retaining the validity of the ticket. The amount that will be refunded is the amount the winner paid for their ticket ( after any discounts ). This prize is not transferable or exchangeable.

After accepting the prize the winner cannot then sell or submit their ticket for an additional refund. If the winner wishes to cancel their ticket after receiving their prize, this will be considered forfeiting the prize and Exercise NZ has no obligation to transfer additional funds, should this occur the prize will be redrawn.

Exercise NZ reserves the right to alter these terms at any time, without notice. By participating in the draw you confirm that you have read, and agree to these terms and conditions.